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Building Knowledge Empowered Organisations

REHANSTAT offers a comprehensive range of marketing and knowledge driven research services built around our DATA.INFORMATION.KNOWLEDGE. framework.

We are in the business of building knowledge empowered organisations that want to convert data into meaningful and valuable information. The information in turn, will be converted into systematic and sustainable knowledge output whether in the form of strategic reports or actionable roadmap plans.

We are involved in the design of survey instruments, sampling methodologies (probabilistic and non-probabilistic sampling), data collection (telephone, face-to-face interviews, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions), data validation (fieldwork and data processing stage) as well as analytics (quantitative and qualitative).

Having been established for nearly 20 years, we are more than capable of meeting data, information and knowledge needs of organisations of all sizes and from multiple industry sectors.



We are flexible in the way that we work. Client might require a full service approach or a particular aspect of market research project - whichever we will be happy to tailor our service accordingly. Talk to us and get to know about our focused range of services and solutions today!


Useful Data: Direction of External Trade

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National Product and Expenditure Accounts - 1st Quarter

Economic Growth For the first quarter of 2010, Malaysia’s economy expanded robustly by recording a double-digit growth of 10.1 per cent. This growt... more

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Rehanstat provides unique knowledge management services. Managing knowledge is now very crucial to businesses because of the complexity of business and the convergence of technology.




In addition to comprehensive Knowledge Management, we also provide Information Sourcing, Customized Industry Report, Specialised Sector Reports and many more.

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Service offerings to the market that include areas such as Analytics, Economics, Culture, Branding, Business Analysis, Qualitative Research, Finance, Customer Relationship Management

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