Corporate Social Responsibility

Rehanstat believes in giving back.

We believe that we need to give part of our time, effort and even money, to those that need it most. There are many who are underprivileged. There are those who have very little. There are children who need a smile or two, a warm hug perhaps.

Together with our employees, management of Rehanstat are continuously looking at opportunities to cultivate a healthy Corporate Social Responbility culture within the organisation. It’s a learning curve for all of us at Rehanstat.

Employee volunteering and development are encouraged and Rehanstat collaborates with various outfits that look after various social causes that require our attention.

how can we help you?

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Datin Dr. Rehana has over 40 years of working experience. She began her career as a researcher at MARDI and then as a lecturer at the MARA Institute of Technology for 13 years and eventually ventured into business with REHANSTAT Sdn Bhd, a data management and analytics company established since 1992.

Datin Dr Rehana Kassim
Director , Chief Data Scientist